Welcome on my small Download page for Aliens versus Predator 2.
Here can you find some files, which makes the Game something "colored".

For the large files i recommend to use a Download manager: Flash Get
For any errors, when download, unpacks or otherwise, please mail me.

Sorry my stupid english !

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Under the category "SOUND" there are now the group "MUSIK" with Soundtracks for the
different Themes.

All skins are overworks again, some new be added.
Also NEW is "Marine Weapons" and "Singleplayer MAPS".

Sorry, ones more some mistakes was in version 1.4.
Now again devinitive the ! FINAL VERSION !


With sharper Textures for Characters and some Objekts.


Screenshots for the skins are available.

- 09.02.2006

- 25.01.2006
SKINPACK SIRIUS also in new version, with small improvements.

- 21.01.2006
A new version of SOUNDPACK SIRIUS is available, with some new
and overworks sounds.

- 20.01.2006
The multiplayer MAPPACK SIRIUS are overworks again
and suplement with new maps.
The bug, that responsible for the programmcrash, are removed.

- 01.04.2005
All links works again correct.

- 31.03.2005
The new SOUNDPACK SIRIUS is available to download.
He replace the Soundpack Lite 1.5 and the Soundupdate 2.0.

- 18.01.2005
The multiplayer MAPPACK SIRIUS is updated and expandet for some new maps.

- 28.12.2004
The SKINPACK SIRIUS encludet now the two Multi -and Singleplayer Skinpacks
and some new skins.

- 04.12.2004
The SOUNDPACK LITE is updated and encludet now all new Sounds
at the Soundpack Sirius(BIG), only in 22 Khz.
Just so the SOUNDUPDATE has some enlarget himself and is now in the Version 2.0 obtainable.

With sharper Textures ! PICTURES

Skinpack Sirius 1.52 (126 MB) INFO PICTURES brings something film atmosphere in the play.

Movie "Aliens" Marine - Team (8,25 MB) PICTURES Die Marines aus dem Film "Aliens" für den Multiplayer.

Human Teams 1 (14,3 MB) BILDER The Marine/Corperates Team in new combination

Bruce & Dutch (2,6 MB) BILDER The Predator Killer!

XENO Skinpack (7,54 MB) PICTURES

APE Suits (2,55 MB) PICTURES

HUMANS - Marines

XENO Marines (4,54 MB) PICTURES

Bloody Harris (464 KB) PICTURES Harrison after a real hard day (are include in the Multiplayer Skinpack).

Hudson (1,70 MB) PICTURES

T-800 (2,53 MB) PICTURES Terminator go´s AvP2 (Harrison)

Sniper Force (1,07 MB) PICTURES

Punisher (1,63 MB) PICTURES

Jungle Marine "Barnes" (1,66 MB) PICTURES

Tomahawk (1,57 MB) PICTURES

Smartgunner "Blackwell" (1,65 MB) PICTURES

Hicks (1,50 MB) BILDER

Grenadier (1,43 MB) BILDER

Lt. Mc Cain (1,37 MB) BILDER

Johnson (1,70 MB) BILDER

Sadargunner "Stinger" (2,95 MB) PICTURES The Rocket Girl !

Mrs. Hall (1,34 MB) PICTURES

X - Girl (1,47 MB) PICTURES Mrs. Johnson with cool Tatoo.

HUMANS - Corperates

Jussup (1,21 MB) PICTURES

SWD - Ivan (1,15 MB) PICTURES

Combatsynth (1,30 MB) BILDER

Masterchief Charles (1,40 MB) PICTURES The Halo Master Chief.

SG-7trooper (707 KB) PICTURES Dunja with gas mask.


Movie "Alien" Drone (1,91 MB) PICTURES

Movie "Aliens" Drone (1,21 MB) PICTURES (are include in the Multiplayer Skinpack)

Menu Drone (3,19 MB) PICTURES

Invert Alien (2,58 MB) BILDER

Praetorian (1,70 MB) PICTURES

Predalien 1 (1,50 MB) PICTURES

XENO Predalien (1,89 MB) PICTURES

XENO Runner (1,11 MB) PICTURES

Runner 1 (1,01 MB) PICTURES


Movie Predator (3,28 MB) PICTURES The Predator from the AvP Movie

Celtic (2,84 MB) PICTURES

Lightpred "Robin Hood" 2.0 (4,95 MB) PICTURES The green.


Minigun Camo (1,29 MB) BILDER



Dragon (749 KB) BILDER

Magnum (534 KB) PICTURES

Springfield 1 (412 KB) PICTURES

Springfield 2 (266 KB) PICTURES

PP1A Terminator (658 KB) PICTURES (are include in the Multiplayer Skinpack)

Maut (344 KB) PICTURES

Pulse Riffle

"Deathawake" Clan Pulse (1,39 MB) BILDER

Envy Pulse (1,56 MB) BILDER

Fatal Assault V1 (1,15 MB) BILDER

Fatal Assault V2 (1,27 MB) BILDER

"Headshat" Clan Pulse (648 KB) BILDER

Zebra Pulse (664 KB) BILDER


Blacky Shotty(616 KB) PICTURES

Rust Shotty (695 KB) PICTURES

Silver Camo (538 KB) BILDER

Vent Shotty (566 KB) BILDER

Versify Shotty (1,20 MB) BILDER

Wood Shotty(719 KB) PICTURES

Pump Gun (784 KB) PICTURES (are include in the Multiplayer Skinpack)

Soundpack Sirius 1.2 (174 MB) INFO The Maximum Sound Experience!


Marine Theme
AvP Soundtracks Marine Theme (134 MB) INFO

Alien Theme
AvP Soundtracks Alien Theme (118 MB) INFO

Predator Theme
AvP Soundtracks Predator Theme (125 MB) INFO

For Marines
Marines 1 1.1 (43,0 MB) INFO

Marines 2 1.1 (39,0 MB) INFO

Marines 3 1.0 (4,17 MB) INFO

For Aliens
Aliens 1.0 (8,94 MB) INFO

For Predators
Predators 1.2 (23,0 MB) INFO

For Corperates
Corperates 1.1 (6,93 MB) INFO

Mappack Sirius (346 MB) INFO PICTURES only the best maps for the Game

PROJAM 4 (123 MB) INFO very nice Mod for Singleplayer.

Kazemod 2.0 (6,06 MB) INFO

AxP1097 final (1,24 MB)

AxP Realism 2.1 (15,72 MB)

Impcoop v2 (35,21 MB)

AJL Modification (38,32 MB)

AJL Modification Patch (7,55 MB)

Lethal Tournament (23,1 MB) INFO a great Mod for Multiplayer.

Patch (6,96 MB)

Multiplayer Map Update (12,6 MB)

Singleplayer Map Update (12,0 MB)

CD-Sparer (5,4 MB)

Widescreen Patch (1,84 MB) INFO

Winrez (1,0 MB)

AvP2 Tools (13,7 MB) the editor absolutely

Win ACE (3,59 MB) the better packman icon_cool.gif

Flash Get (1,8 MB) a nice Download-Manager

Team Sound 5.6 (1,7 MB)



Team Speak 2.0

Using from Skins and Maps

When used additional ".REZ" files there are two variants.

The entry in the connectings:

Or after starting the Game:

Better sound quality

Since the sounds include many high frequencies, it recommends to down-push over itself the altitude(treble) control of the soundcard mixer as far possible. Recommended attitude:
BASS = 55-65 %
TREBLE = 0-20 %

Sounds in 44 kHz have more dynamics and to sound somewhat more brillianter. Thus clearer treble and a pressure-fuller bass roars less.
Since these files are twice as large (with stereo 4 subject) as in 22 kHz, thereby naturally also your hardware accordingly more stressed.

Better graphic

The following changes in "autoexec.cfg" (in the AvP2 folder) could give to you among other things sharper textures,
anyhow I had so the impression with me.

"MODELLOD" "9.000000" more details of Modells ?

"OPTIMIZESURFACES" "1.0" HUD transparenz on/off

"DetailLevel" "4" detaillevel

"MaxWorldPoliesToDraw" "90000" more details ?

"BulletHoles" "500.000000" the size or duration of the bullet holes ?

"globaldetail" "9.000000" more global details ?

"TextureDetail" "9.000000" sharper or more details of textures ?

"Gore" "9.000000" more blood or the duration to it again disappears ?

"DebrisFXLevel" "2" debris FX-Level

But can experiment you simply times something with the attitudes.

Also times looks onPlanet AvP there give-prayed past always the newest maps etc.

Much fun!

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